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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm stressed to the climax

Alhamdulillah I'm very happy to be selected for the interview for the PHD scholarship next year, yes, syukur...I'm grateful to the merciful Allah...just like any other normal human beings, I'm happy and stressed to the climax all at the same time..on top of all..dah jam..i cant think @ study @ read anymore..sumtimes i feel satisfied with my proposal, at other times i feel like my proposal is still lack of needed and important information here and there..and yet my brain is now out of order's not functioning very well..well, it's like a broken monitor, it goes blank and blank although you have already hit the 'switch-on' button many many times...if possible, you feel like throwing the monitor against the wall, see it broken into small pieces and go the shop the next day to get the new one..if only we can treat our precious brain like that..kan senang is what happening to me now..thou i've read the journals many times already, my mind still registers zero input!!! Arghhhhhh! All i wanna do now is to linger on a drive, shopping, catch a movie or two, sipping a cup of mocha latte chill, savoring warm spicy cinnamon rolls at Cinnabon, buy new shoes, get my facial treatment, and most importantly, get a body massage...uhhhhhh the body massage sounds just perfect, so very body needs to be pampered as well hwaaaaaa....This interview has really driven me crazy..i'm a crazy woman now, salivating for the scholarship, it's killing me inside..stab my heart with a sharp knife it is...and i'm so very weak to do anything about it kakakaka...just now i got a call from my friend who went for the interview today..she said the panel had shot her with back-to-back killing questions, condemning her proposal by saying that the proposal is so sketchy for a phd proposal..errrr if a good proposal like my friend's is sketchy, then what will the panel say about mine when they see it tomorrow...huaaaaaaa takutttttt....i can feel the butterflies in stomach already, and my fingers is so numb and yet it is still Tuesday! Kalau tomorrow, i'm fainted la kot! Dear friends and readers, please pray for me ye...kalau tak dapat tahun ni, tahun depan mieza ketar lutut lagi la jawabnya...

Kalau day and nite dah stress maknanya stress 360 days or 8640 hours or 518400 minutes a year lah ye...heheeh

This is how my face looks like rite now...opppss no, it doesn't look like looks uglier hahahaha

Kawan-kawan..esok malam mieza akan blogwlking ke blog kawan-kawan nak bawa pinggan nak makan masakan kawan-kawan yang sedap tu..and to my few new followers, nanti mieza datang visit and follow kawan-kawan juga malam esok....malam esok nak tengok TV je...Kawan-kawan, doakan mieza ye!
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Ucu Faridah said...

datanglah dapur ucu ...banyak daging lebih ni...

Ida,Japan said...

try the best mieza..mieza boleh!!..dh di select utk interview dh kira ada chance la tu...gambate!!

Sue @ Nenie said...

Tahniah Kat Mieza..Saya doakan yang terbaik untuk Kak Mieza.....Jangan stesss stressss yaaaaa

Puan Ros @ Sinaranmenu.blogspot said...

My dear ..congrats and take a deep breath.Face the interviewer with your open heart regardless of what they say as long as you know that you've given your best.
Good luck for tomorrow.

Amie said...

Oh...Mieza...sikittt je lagi...Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, aku mohon pada-Mu...permudahkanlah urusan interview buat adik kesayanganku yang satu ini.... Amien....Amien ya Rabbal Alamin.... jangan lupa jaga kesihatan, tidur lena, esok mesti keluar rumah dengan wajah segar berseri....

Antan Bertingkah said...

Pertamanya tahniah ye Mieza.. jawab elok2 nanti...good luck..

Mieza said...

@Ucu...terima kasih..jap lagi mieza nak dtg dapur ucu ni..masti sedap ucu masak

Mieza said...

@Ida..terima kasih..semoga berjaya la kali ni..kalau tak berjaya tahun depan mieza stress lagi la..huhuu..ehh gambate tu apa dalam bahasa melayu nya heheh

Mieza said...

@Sue..terima kasih..usaha sudah, tawakkal je la..berdebar2 ni

Mieza said...

@Kak Ros..semoga interviewer tu baik la nanti..jgn la garang2..nnt mieza gelabah je hahaha

Mieza said...

@Kak amie..terima kasih banyak2 kak..happy tapi takut ni..mieza memang tak suka interview..takut!

Mieza said...

@ Kak Yus..terima kasih byk2...semoga berjayalah mieza kali ni..amin :)

dari dapur nasya said...

salam mieza...happy belated bday..nampaknya kita nie sama2 kala jengking..ha..ha..semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan dilindungi ALLAH SWT selalu hendaknya. Aminn...

nuwairani ismail said...

gud luck kak mieza walaupon interview dh lepas pon.....semoga berjaya!

Mieza said...

@Nasya..terima kasih dear..umur meningkat lagi huhuhu moga akal juga bertambah cerdik, insyaAllah...sama bulan lahir ke kita nasya? besday nasya bila? happy besday to nasya too :)

Mieza said...

@Nani...TQ dear..dah selamat interviewnya..berserah je lah kpd Allah SWT..ada rezeki ada la tu..kalau tak dpt nak wat camna..Allah mengetahui yg terbaik buat kak mieza :)

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