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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simple Yet Mouthwatering Lunch

There was not much left in the fridge since we are leaving for our kampung in a few days. A few ikan kembung, one siakap head, a packet of artificial crab meat, a packet of fish balls, and 2 packet of coconut milk in the freezer. Looking down the fridge, i found 2 bunches of pak choy, 1 packet of ikan pekasam, a few eggs, and 2 cans of sardines. Hmmm enough supplies for 3 more days i believe. And i dont want to shop for the new stock of groceries until we return, after spending a week or so, from Alor Setar. So i make use of whatever left for us in the fridge and pantry. This will do i guess. Not so rich but sufficient. Simple, but if one knows how to perfectly improvise, the dish could be very very mouthwatering! I alwiz loved to eat fish head curry, so does my husband. What to expect, he's from the north side of the country! But looking at my weight rite now, i guess i should be a lil bit easy on fat-rich food. But i cant, it's like the food is waving for me and i dont have a heart not to taste them...ngeeeeeee, an excuse again...The curry is Siakap head. Cost me RM5.40 per head. The seller tried to cheat me though. She said the head is RM12 per kg and she tried to charge me RM6 for 450gm. Thank God my mum sent me to good school that i know to calculate fast. Pity the seller huh. Though it was only RM0.60 difference but it's still money. To be accurate it was MY money that the seller tried to 'steal'. What make me sad thou, the seller is Muslim Malay. Didn't she know that cheating is sinful! (sigh). Well, after about an hour cooking, taraaa here's the lunch menu for today. A must-have dish, omelet with onion can be missed, especially by my two gals. Omelet? The name sounds very astonishing, but in Malay, it's just a simple telur dadar. And my favorite veggie, pak choy that is! Yummy! I'm wishing my loyal visitors to enjoy their lunch as well. Bon appetit everyone!

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