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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sup Tulang Rusuk

Sup yang senang dan tak banyak kerenah. Just reneh jer atas dapur sampai daging empuk..but the result emmmmm delicious! I love tulang rusuk very very much, well if compared to other tulang of course such as tulang belakang or tulang leher. I like tulang rusuk more. Kalau time raya korban memang i akan bedal tulang rusuk ni bebanyak, either masak sup, or masak singgang kelantan, or masak gulai darat..mmm memang sedap. Kat Tg Malim ni 1 kg of tulang rusuk cost me RM18, i dont know about other places, but in Kelantan it is selling at much cheaper price. When it comes to daging..mmmm i miss my home town very very much. Daging batang pinang only cost RM15 over there but it is RM25 here. Well i got it for RM22 from Hub Halal Tg Malim. Perhaps because of the inconsistency in supply level had pushed the price higher here. Cheeeewah im talking like an economist pulak. However, regardless of the price level, if an eater has to eat, an eater has to eat it anyway, at any price affordable to one's i mentioned in my earlier writings, i hardly think twice when it comes to stuffing my stomach. Call me bad spender, but hahhaha i am...


1 batang tulang rusuk - make sure to ask the seller to chop it for u unless u have sharp axe at home. Cuci dan toskan.
1 paket rempah sup tulang - i alwiz chose adabi or mak siti
4 biji bawang putih - ketuk
2 biji bawang besar - belah 6
halia - thumb size, ketuk
daun sup, limau nipis, cili api, bawang goreng
ubi kentang - kupas kulit, belah 4
Minyak untuk menumis
1 liter air


1. Panaskan minyak dalam periuk. Tumiskan bawang puith, rempah sup dan halia hingga kuning dan naik bau.

2. Masukkan tulang rusuk yang telah dicuci dan juga air. Renehkan hingga tulang empuk. Tambah air jika daging belum empuk. Kalau ada pressure cooker will make the cooking process easier and faster.

3. Masukkan kentang dan bawang besar dan dimasak lagi hingga kentang empuk. Rasakan garam gula.

4. Semasa menghidang, taburkan daun sup yang dipotong halus, cili api potong, dan bawang goreng serta perahkan air limau nipis.

5. Boleh dimakan dengan nasi putih. For my family, sup tulang rusuk and telur dadar will just do...mmmmm sedap! Sup ini boleh gak dimakan dgn macaroni, bihun or mee.


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