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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gulai Kawah Daging Rusuk

Today my MBA class started more than 3 hours late, so we had to finish late as well as the lecturer needed to cover 2 more chapters which will be tested in the final exam next week. As soon as we were dismissed from the class, without a second thot, i drove straight away heading my way to Tesco (if only we had Tesco in Tg Malim), as usual i'd alwiz buy sumthing for my girls..i just dont have a heart to look at their sweet innocent faces waiting for me at the door as i drive into the porch and keep yelling "mama balik mama balik...mama beli ape utk kakak dgn adik?" so i bought them some love letters (kuih belanda), and a box of large frozen peperoni and cheese pizza for dinner tonite...i wasn't planning to cook this gulai kawah in the first place coz i thot hey i must be very tired from the class and the driving and i still have a few yet to be done assignments, so lets have sumthing easy and fast to prepare, a pizza would just be fine, but as i walked thru the isle of these groceries to the frozen meat section inside this hypermarket, i suddenly came across this fresh, cut into cubes, cleaned and ready to cook local meat, sad but true, we hardly found fresh meat in Tanjong Malim. Last few months, i felt very relief when Hub Halal near my house had this fresh meat in their store but it didnt last long..when i called the salesboy a few weeks after that and asked him if he could save me some of the fresh meat, and some ribs of course (i like ribs very very much) he had then dissapointed me by telling that the meat wasnt available anymore..i thot it was temporary but it has been a few months now, and they dont seem like they are offering it anymore.. they said it is supply shortage problem..well since the meat is hard to get in my area, so i decided to buy 2 packets of it today, 1 packet cost me about RM5++, i was considering to cook some soup but my enjoy-to-eat-my-cooking husband felt like eating some gulai kawah..this gulai kawah is supposed to be cooked in a kawah (thats where it got its name i guess), but i dont have any kawah at the moment (never plan to buy 1 actually), so i just cooked it in a regular pot (pot cap buaya tau heheh)..this gulai kawah is very famous in Kelantan..the taste is different from regular gulai, or some places call it curry..lets share the recipe..


300 gm fresh meat, ribs will also do - cut into 1 1/2 inches cubes
2 camb rempah gulai darat/kawah - jadikan pes, i bought this rempah at pasar Siti Khadijah KB,
1 batang kulit kayu manis
2 kuntum bunga lawang
3 kuntum bunga cengkih
4 biji buah pelaga
1 camb kerisik
1 mangkuk santan
sedikit gula melaka
2 keping asam keping
Minyak untuk menumis
Kentang - optional

Bahan kisar:
2 ulas bawang putih
4 ulas bawang merah
2 tangkai cili kering
1 camt biji ketunbar
2 cm lengkuas
2 cm halia
2 cm kunyit


1. Panaskan minyak dalam periuk, tumis kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang, bunga cengkih dan buah pelaga hingga wangi. Masukkan bahan kisar dan tumis hingga garing.

2. Masukkan pula pes gulai kawah dan kerisik, tumis hingga naik bau dan pecah minyak.

3. Masukkan daging/ribs dan tambah air dan masak hingga daging empuk. Kalau tak empuk boleh tambah air lagi sampai daging empuk.

4. Bila daging dah empuk, masukkan santan, asam keping dan gula melaka. Renehkan hingga mendidih dan pecah minyak. Rasakan garam gula. Kalau suka boleh juga diletak kentang..

5. Boleh dimakan dengan nasi putih..

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