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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ayam Kampung Goreng - My Neighbor's Recipe

Tonite aku tried my neighbor's recipe of Ayam Kampung Goreng. Very simple yet soooo very tasty. Caranyer senang jer, instead of perap the ayam kampung dengan garam kunyit or what so ever, just perap the chicken dengan air garam je. Actually bukan perap tapi aku rendam. Aku rendam chicken dengan air garam for about an hour, then goreng dalam minyak penuh. Memang sedap. Isi ayam lagi kental and sedap lah.. Cuba la..and tell me how it tastes..i did..and it was tasty.. :)


Faizee said...

last week i tersilap goreng ayam.. plan nak goreng ayam pekan. tapi tergoreng ayam kampung.. apa lagi, nak tercabut gigi makan ayam goreng tu. hehehehe...

Mieza said...

Faizee, i ingat u, coz u were always around, yang i tak ingat, i ngajar u tak? Coz i selalu ngajar DAT or SPP. Faizee, kalau nak beli ayam kg, make sure beli yang muda, kalau beli tua memang isinyer keras. Selamat mencuba.

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