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Monday, March 16, 2009

Nasi Kebuli

Picture first. Recipe will be posted later. Very busy with my final sem project. At the moment, i'm preparing the proposal for my case study. In fact, i haven't identified the advisor yet. Just got the topic yesterday, after many many nites of insufficient sleep due to unorganized nerve in my brain caused by lots and lots of thinking about the topic. At fisrt I thot getting the topic is easier than doing the case study itself. But after going through it myself, then i came to realize that thinking about the topic is much much more difficult than carrying out the project itself. No wonder lah those who work in the area that job specification requires the use of cognitive ability is paid higher than those that requires the use of physical ability. Coz once you get the topic, the overall picture is easily and clearly displayed... hehehehe.... Very lucky coz hubby's friend is very helpful and agreed to let me do a case study on his organization. hope the viewers will enjoy looking at the picture, please keep on coming back for the recipe...

Here's the recipe....(28 May 2009)


2 pot beras basmathi
300 gm daging cincang
1/2 cawan minyak sapi
2 camb rempah beriani
6 ulas bawang merah - mayang
3 ulas bawang putih - mayang
1 inci halia - mayang
1 inci kulit kayu manis
2 biji buah pelaga
2 helai daun pandan
2 cawan susu cair
pewarna hijau (bila dah bercampur semua sekali nasi kebuli ni tak nampak warna ijau pun heheh)
garam dan air secukupnya
saffron - tumbuk halus
badam panggang, daun ketumbar, daun pudina, bawang goreng


1. Panaskan minyak sapi. Tumiskan bahan-bahan yang dimayang dan rempah wangi hingga garing dan naik bau.

2. Masukkan daging kisar dan dimasak daging hingga empuk dan garing. Kemudian dimasukkan pula rempah beriani. Kacau hingga naik bau.

3. Tambahkan air, susu, garam, beras, daun pandan, saffron, dan pewarna hijau. Tanak macam masak nasi biasa. Hias kan dengan daun ketumbar, daun pudina, badam dan bawang goreng.

4. Boleh dimakan bersama dalca dan lauk-lauk yang biasa dimakan dengan nasi minyak...

Resepi ni untuk Kak Kasmani..cian dia..visit my blog but the recipe still tak der walaupun berkali kali visit ye? Sekarang dah boleh cuba..and don't forget to tell me how it taste..

Esok i'll update yang lain-lain..

Skg nak teman anak kecik i tengok Keliwon heheheh

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