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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nasi Pilau Beriani

First time beraya at my new house, the feeling was so nice, proud and satisfied. For the first time i ever own a property. Since my mom was not feeling very well to travel and stay in a car for 6 long hours, we decided not to go back to Kelantan for Raya Korban. Besides my husband and i were only given one day leave for raya, and the tiredness from new house moving in was not gone yet, so here we were, celebrating the raya korban at No 88, Taman Wangsa Jaya. After discussing with hubby what to cook for raya, we then came up with the idea of cooking some nasi kerabu, a few friends of ours were visiting, first for raya, second they were interested to see my new yet-so-neat-and-tidy home, and we would be just as delightful as ever to welcome our guests. Some nasi kerabu and ayam bakar would be nice but then we lack a few of the ingredients that we decided to change the menu to nasi pilau beriani. The original recipe was given by my auntie who enjoys cooking very much and i basically like all her cookings. However this very recipe was modified by me by adding some of the beriani and soup paste and i came up with the new modified name of nasi pilau beriani. It goes very well with dalca, ayam masak merah and some air asam. Let's share the recipe....


7 pot beras basmati - i used the normal white rice. I had a small rice cooker but 7 pots was just enough for the guests coz they were all full for raya.
2 camb minyak sapi
1 biji bawang besar - blend
3 ulas bawang putih - blend
2 inci halia - blend
1 camt saffron - tumbuk lumat
5 biji buah keras - tumbuk lumat
2 kuntum bunga lawang
1 1/2 inci kulit kayu manis
5 biji buah pelaga
1 camt lada hitam
6 kuntum bunga cengkih
1 camt jintan manis
1 camt jintan putih
1 sup bunjut
2 camb rempah sup - i used adabi
3 camb rempah beriani
2 kiub pati ayam - i used knorr
1 tin susu cair
Air sama banyak dengan beras
Daun pudina
Daun ketumbar
Secubit garam

Bawang goreng, badam roasted dan kismis


1. Beras dicuci dan ditoskan.

2. Panaskan minyak sapi dalam periuk. Tumiskan bahan-bahan yang dikisar dan rempah wangi (kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang, bunga cengkih, lada hitam, buah pelaga, jintan) hingga garing dan wangi. Kemudian masukkan saffron, buah keras, rempah beriani dan rempah sup. Tumis sampai pecah garing dan remaph pecah minyak.

3. Masukkan air, sup bunjut, kiub pati ayam dan masak hingga mendidih.

4. Masukkan beras dan susu cair dan sedikit garam dan tanak macam masak nasi macam biasa.

5. Bila nasi dah masak, taburkan daun pudina dan daun ketumbar dan digaul-gaulkan. Semasa menghidang taburkan bawang goreng, kismis dan roasted almond. Boleh dimakan dengan ayam masak merah, dalca dan air asam ataupun makan macam makan nasi minyak. Check out for my ayam masak merah and dalca recipe.

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