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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nasi Dagang

It has been quite some time since my last sign in kat blog ni. My schedule was really packed all October. Sepanjang Oct i have been very busy with the study, assignments and exam. Last week the whole week i was in Perlis for a course. Last weekend baru la ada opputinity nak masak. Besides Zaimi's sisters dropped by and my second big brother from Kelantan visited, so i decided to cook some nasi dagang. Actually this is my favorite. My hubby also kind of like it tho' it is kind of milky coz the rice is cooked using the coconut milk and the chicken, or some prefer ikan tongkol, is milky as well. It's not really good for those who are trying to be on diet. But for me, i hentam je. Eat everything but only a lil. Suka, makan banyak, tak suka, makan sikit. But try everthing. Usually people eat nasi dagang with gulai ikan tongkol. But i don't really like ikan tongkol so i chose gulai ayam. Sometimes I cooked gulai daging to go with the nasi dagang. That will work too. Some eat nasi dagang with gulai telur, but that is not my kind anyway. But the original recipe is nasi dagang and gulai ikan tongkol. What most important here is how to cook nasi dagang. Some people use combination of regular rice and sticky rice, but i use nasi dagang rice which is a lil bit darker than the regular white rice. So presented here is my version of nasi dagang.


1 kg beras nasi dagang
1 mangkuk santan pekat
1/2 mangkuk santan cair
1 camb halba
5 inci halia - dimayang
7 ulas bawang merah - dimayang
5 ulas bawang putih - dimayang
garam dan gula secukupnya


1. Beras direndam bersama halba semalaman.

2. Toskan beras yang telah direndam dan dikukus di dalam pengukus sehingga setengah masak.

3. Santan pekat dimasak bersama halia, bawang merah, bawang putih, garam dan gula hingga mendidih sekali sahaja.

4. Apabila nasi sudah setengah masak, angkat dan digaulkan dengan santan cair. Gaul rata-rata hingga santan cair meresap masuk ke dalam beras yang setengah masak.

5. Kukus semula beras tadi sehingga empuk. Bila dah empuk, angkat dan digaul sekali lagi dengan santan pekat yang sudah dimasak.

6. Nasi dagang boleh dimakan dengan gulai ikan, ayam, daging, atau telur serta acar mentah.


Cooking said...

Coconut milk is good

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