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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Asam Rebus Keladi

(Pic 1: Wawa in her sister's tudung sekolah; Pic 2: Asam Rebus Keladi)
Last couple of weeks, if i'm not mistaken, both of my sisters in law dropped by. They went home in Alor Setar to collect Dik Yah's new BLM. She was very excited about the car, as she waited quite long for it. On their way back to Putrajaya they dropped by and dropped me some of this keladi. Actually this is the first time ever i tried to prepare and cook keladi by myself. Usually, i asked my mom, or my sister or whoever was available at that point in time to be my involuntarily assistant. I didn't dare coz i'm afraid my hand will be itching all over and i guessed i was right. Right after i was done preparing this keladi, my God, my hands were itching all over and i kept on scratching and the hand had turn red and sore. Uhhhh at that time, i regret i ever played with this keladi. I wish i had asked sumone to prepare that for me or better yet, i wish i had bought the prepared ones from the wet market. But i can't go back, can I? What shud i do then? I washed my hands with dettol, it didn't work. I used asam jawa, also it didn't work. I put some minyak panas, it didn't work either, i smear some nivea, it didn't produce any good result anyway. My Godddd, i felt like crying. Uhukkkssss. Then i turned to my mum, and she said i could put some cooking oil all over my hands and put it near the fire, it other words, u smoke your itchy oily hands laaaaa....and Thank God! It finally worked. But I learned a lesson today...if you are working with keladi, make sure wear your glove! Be safe than itchy! Heheheh


4 batang keladi
2 ubi keladi
2 ulas bawang putih
5 ulas bawang merah
4 cili kering
2 cm belacan
Segenggam ikan bilis
5 keping asam keping
1 inci lengkuas - diketuk
1 inci halia - diketuk
1 cm kunyit hidup
Beberapa tangkai daun kesum
Garam dan gula to taste


1. Batang keladi disiat kulit arinya dan dipotong 1 inci panjang dan direndam air. Ubinya dibuang kulit dan dipotong nipis.

2. Cili kering, bawang putih, bawang merah, kunyit, dan belacan dikisar halus.

3. Rebus ubi keladi sehingga empuk. Bila dah empuk, masukkan air secukupnya untuk kuah. Masukkan bahan kisar, ikan bilis, halia, lengkuas, asam keping, daun kesum dan batang keladi.

4. Rebus sehingga batang keladi lembek. Rasakan manis, masin dan masamnya. Boleh dimakan bersama nasi putih. Memang sedap hirup kuah asam pedas ni MMMMm YUmmmmY


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