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Friday, August 29, 2008


(Picture was posted on 2nd September 2008, 5.26am, after sahur)

Since next week dah puasa so last night I forced myself to prepare this dessert for my officemate who had helped me completing a lot of my not-yet-done office work. I have been very busy lately as I have an exam this coming Sunday. Those two recipes (which pictures I posted before) will be posted very very soon next week. Last nite I forgot to snap the picture of my Tiramisu but the look is not much more important than the taste, isn't it? I didn't say that the look is not important at all, of course it is. If it isn't then women won't spend much money on make ups. Will they? We women spend a lot on apparel and make ups for the beauty, isn't it? (I hope men out there and husbands can understand this, coz my hubby always said "U bought new clothes? And u have a lot in your closet!" )This Tiramisu, the look was gorgeous, tempting, mouth-watering, sexy, etc (thou' I can't prove it here coz no picture prezented), and the taste....I don't have to explain as one my office friends said "This is much much better than the 'King's' (kings Confectionery) and the dessert was gone within less than 10 minutes! Am I proud? Damn correct I AM! I AM proud of my cooking!

TIRAMISU (It means 'pick-me-up')

2 biji telur
3 camb gula castor
1 bar cream cheese - i used 'philadelphia', very expensive RM11.90/ bar
1 kotak whipping cream - kotak kecil je, lupa lak berapa ml, nanti kang aku check
1 camt esen vanilla
1 mangkuk air nescafe' - bancuh pekat-pekat, panas-panas.
1 paket biskut lady fingers - boleh cari kat pasaraya - aku beli kat Kedai Kek Sayang Alor Setar masa balik kampung hari tu
Sedikit serbuk koko untuk hiasan


1. Dapatkan dan sediakan mangkuk transparent, coz nanti nampak layer dia from outside. Kalau tak ada pakai mangkuk tak transparent pun tak apa. No harm.

2. Dalam mangkuk yang lain, pukul gula dan telur hingga kembang. Bila dah kembang masukkan esen vanilla.

3. Masukkan cream cheese dan pukul lagi. Kemudian masukkan pula whipping cream. Pukul lagi hingga semua cream cheese dan whipping cream sebati.

4. Lapisan 1 : Ambik biskut lady finger, celup ke dalam air nescafe' yang panas dan susun di dalam mangkuk yang transparent tadi.

5. Lapisan 2: Tuangkan adunan cream cheese ke atas lapisan biskut.

6. Ulang lapisan 1 dan 2 sehingga adunan cream cheese habis. Lapisan atas sekali mesti lapisan cream cheese. Untuk hiasan, taburkan serbuk koko ke atas lapisan cheese.

7. Tiramisu hendaklah disimpan di dalam peti ais dan dimakan ketika sejuk.

Dessert ni menjadi kegemaran my family and apparently, it has become my officemates' fav as well.


wai said...

tq very much to kak as:) sedap giler tiramisu tu... tengok gambaq pun dah kecur liur dah... kalau makan lagilah best....

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